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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Blood Swept Lands and Seas Of Red

Blood Swept Lands and Seas Of Red | Partner Content

Almost a million British soldiers lost their lives during the First World War.

And marking the centenary of the war’s outbreak, artist Paul Cummins – you may have noticed – has, with the help of stage designer Tom Piper, installed a vast swathe of ceramic poppies around the Tower of London named,

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

Granted, you can just look at photographs of it.

However the experience of being there in person is genuinely breathtaking, and if you keep in mind while visiting that the constantly growing collection of poppies will eventually number 888,246 – each one representing a British soldier who died in the war – then it can be quite emotional, too.

The magnitude, significance and beauty of this installation combine, we believe, to make it a bona fide “once in a lifetime” experience…

… but head along to see it before 11th November 2014, and you can decide for yourself.

NOTE: Each one of those 888,246 ceramic poppies can be purchased for £25 (+p&p) – with all net proceeds plus a guaranteed 10% of the price of each poppy being shared amongst six service charities HERE.

ALSO NOTE: If you’d like to combine your viewing of the poppies with a visit inside The Tower Of London, then there’s an exhibition in the Flint Tower explaining how the Tower was used in the recruitment, deployment and training of soldiers during the war, and exploring the making of the poppies exhibition, plus assorted talks and tours… You’ll find all the ‘what’s on’ info HERE.

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Blood Swept Lands and Seas Of Red

Tower Of London, The City, EC3N 4AB