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Brother Marcus Supperclubs

Brother Marcus Supperclubs

Brother Marcus Supperclubs | Balham Dining

Fun Fact!

Granny Smith, Mother Goose, Father Ted, Grandpa Joe and Sister Sledge have literally nothing in common with Brother Marcus, Balham’s extremely popular new café & cocktail bar.

But don’t, whatever you do, allow that knowledge to stop you from attending one of the very special, one-off supper clubs being hosted there over the next couple of months.

There are currently five residencies in the diary – Chicory Kitchen, The London Food Babes, ex-Caravan chef Alex Hutton, Sam Stern, and Daft Puddin’ – each of which are predominantly being hosted inside Brother Marcus at a long wooden banqueting table covered with fresh flowers and candles…but also outside amongst the dangling ferns, fairy lights, blankets and electric heaters of a fully-covered winter retreat.

They’ll be stuffing your tums, respectively, with mouthwatering traditional Persian cuisine, South American comfort food, gluten-free Mexican street food treats, hearty English classics and a hefty helping of Yorkshire puddings, stuffed with fillings like Moroccan shoulder of lamb or tea-infused clotted cream ice cream. All of which will be helped along nicely by an exclusively designed welcome cocktail from the Brothers Marcus, inspired by that evening’s cuisine.

And with options for wine-pairings or a series of cocktails to follow, while you might not know your table neighbours to begin with 

…you’ll all be feeling pretty brotherly by the end of the night.


NOTE: Brother Marcus is playing host to these supper clubs on various dates over the next three months. Tickets cost £28 a head and can be booked on their website HERE.

Brother Marcus | 9 Chestnut Grove, SW12 8JA


Main image: London Food Babes

Like South London? Well seeing as you’re in Balham (or at least interested in the place) you could do worse than head up the road to The Dairy.

Brother Marcus Supperclubs

9 Chestnut Grove, Balham, South London, SW12 8JA


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