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Crooks | Colab Theatre

Anyone who’s already been to Colab Theatre’s latest and greatest theatrical event, please skip to the end.*

For the rest of you, allow us to introduce Crooks – an immersive theatrical experience in which you play the main character. And you’ve been rehearsing for it all your life.

Which, if you skipped to the end, we’ve already established.

To set the scene: The Cockney Cartel is run by a hard-nosed criminal named The Don. He’s looking for new recruits. And by buying a ticket, you’re accepting. Only here’s the catch: shortly before you turn up to the location, you’ll receive a message from the cops. They want to recruit you too… as an undercover operative.

You’ll head down to an abandoned office building in Borough (due to be demolished as soon as the play ends) where The Don is throwing a party. The basement bar below is serving prosecco, and playing ’90s funk & soul. Cast members freely mingle, spouting Guy-Ritchie level gangster profanity. It’s here that you’ll join the gang. And it’s here that your tasks will begin, including, but not limited to:

Playing poker with The Don. His wife wants to kill him, and it’s up to you to sneak poison into his drink. If he catches you, you’ll have to play a round of Russian Roulette with him.

Breaking into The Don’s office. If you can sneak past the guard, and the wired coke-head, find the password to his computer, and break into the safe, it’ll be easy.

Doing a drug deal. Cars pull up. Suitcases of money and drugs are opened. You’ve got to negotiate the deal …hope nothing goes wrong.

Interrogating another undercover cop. Do you make sure they don’t blab about you? Do you give yourself up to save him? Hard moral choices have to be made.

And those choices have consequences. Because at the end of the 90min show, there’s going to be a police raid, and a shootout. And all the moral desicions you’ve made will determine who comes out on top.

But you’re a decent, honest person. Right?

*You’re clearly a liar, because this event hasn’t taken place yet. Which means you’re perfect for it. Now go back to the beginning and keep reading. 

NOTE: 1) Nudge readers who ask the barman for a “Tiddlywink” (on arrival at Crooks) will be treated to a complimentary glass of bubbly. 2) Crooks is running from the 6th to the 20th of February (but might move to a new home later in the year). 3) Each experience will take place in groups of 8, so consider getting a few friends together. 4) Tickets cost £18.50, and are now on sale HERE

Crooks | A Secret Location Near London Bridge



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