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Neil Frame 07/01/70


CUTS | Italian Meat Feast

Is it ironic that Forza Win, who value provenance and the quality of their ingredients above all else, are teaming up with the Ginger Pig, the poster boys of impeccably produced and sourced meats, in order to host ‘CUTS’ (30 nights of meaty Italian feasting) in a Hackney warehouse that was once used to repackage out of date pickles so they could be illegally sold on to London’s restaurants?

Yes. Possibly.

But we’re not sure.

Of more immediate importance is the fact that CUTS’ 30-date run (which starts on 25th July) is going to sell out very quickly, so if you want to –

A) Enjoy Ginger Pig meats cooked on a purpose built wood-fired grill, at a seasonal supper club of the highest calibre, AND

B) Make your friends think you’re cooler than you are by dining in a hidden Hackney warehouse (which, ironically*, you will be if you go to this)

then you’ll need to act fast.

On finding the hidden ex-pickle factory – assuming that you do, which is unlikely – you’ll head through a teeny door, down a corridor and out into a cavernous space where Forza’s Italianate cocktail bar will be serving up pre-dinner Limoncello Cucumber Fizzes and Long Americanos.

After inspecting the outdoor grill you’ll then join 70 other guests at an oversized X-shaped table for sharing salads and three courses of alternative cuts of meat: pork rib eye with slow-cooked Italian beans, lardons and grilled bitter treviso; lamb neck fillet with lemon, rosemary, pea and marjoram puree; and 80 day Longhorn rump, served with parmesan polenta croutons and wild mushrooms.

And then for dessert (the word for which in Italian, if you’d like to impress your fellow guests at this point, is also “dessert”): lavender panna cotta with poached rhubarb, homemade biscotti and fresh Italian coffee.

* Or is it?


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11-12 The Oval, Hackney, The City and East London, E2 9DT