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Neil Frame 07/01/70

DDC Lobster Dance

DDC Lobster Dance | Win Tickets. Tear Up Your Bank Holiday.


Your Bank Holiday Weekend: T-Minus 53 hours, and counting…

This is excellent news, for two reasons –

1. You don’t have to go to work on Monday.

2. Your regular Sunday – ordinarily a compelling melange of hangover-induced snoozing; eggs; regret; the Sunday Times; and a familiar evening dose of Monday Dread – can now be replaced with a day of fun.

In summary, as Monday’s replacing Sunday and Sunday’s becoming a second Saturday, it’s this Sunday – a day entirely devoid of responsibility, concern or consequence – which you should tear up, set fire to, and dance around naked.

Because you can.

Offering a mix-‘n-matchable medley of options to consider are Disappearing Dining Club, who on Sunday are hosting a four-hour boozy lunch and then a dinner – both of which include cocktails, live music and rooftop lobster-grilling – which will culminate in a post-dinner dance running until 3am.

Offering their guests exclusive access to 5 floors of a Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch, DDC’ll be serving up cocktails & canapés; potted meats and smoked salmon with baked Guinness bread; grilled lobsters with summer salads; Eton Mess and a giant cheese buffet.

DJs Chris Coco and Scott Martin will be on hand to keep the party going, as will the bartenders, serving cocktails, wines and beers throughout.

Please note that, despite our earlier advice, actual fire-setting will be strictly prohibited.

Dancing around naked, on the other hand….

We have 3 pairs of tickets to DDC’s 5-course Dinner/Dance on Sunday 26th August to give away, starting at 7pm. 


Noteif you buy 2 tickets for Sunday and subsequently win our tickets, you’ll be reimbursed for the cost.  Tickets are available for lunch, dinner & dance, or just the dance….Full event details HERE.


Competition Terms – The prize may not be exchanged for anything else, though they may be assigned to a friend of your choosing.  The 3 winners will be emailed and announced on our Facebook Page on Friday 24th August 2012.  As mentioned above, if you buy 2 tickets for Sunday and subsequently win our tickets, you’ll be reimbursed for the cost….


DDC Lobster Dance

A 5-Floored, Roof-Topped Warehouse, Shoreditch, East London,