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Hattie Lloyd 23/12/16

The Great Gatsby Party

The Great Gatsby Party | VAULT Lates

We got to thinking.

Which is rare.

But in this particular instance, it’s also very timely.

See, we concluded that firstly, January is generally (and by necessity, after December) a bit dull in London. So secondly, in order to celebrate the end of this quiet stretch, and to really ring in the rest of 2017 with an appropriate bang, someone needs to throw a very big party.

The kind of party where you’ll take a jaunt deep down into The VAULTS, drawn by the sounds of hot jazz and popping Champagne corks, to find yourself nestled in a clandestine, 30,000 sq ft subterranean maze beneath Waterloo Station.

Here you’ll realise that you and all of your friends are actually part of one grandiose, freeform immersive theatre show-party, in which you can take part as much or as little as you see fit. 1/4 theatre, 3/4 party, you’ll hear stirring speeches, be invited to private Champagne and cocktail tastings, make your way between glittering jazz bars, drawing rooms and boudoirs of refined booze and company, pass notes under the table in candlelit caverns, attend a private gig, and explore the five seperate bars serving all manner of cocktails, wines, and beers all night long.

Then there’ll be acrobats and trapese artists, multiple stages filled with a rotating collection of swing dance acts, bands & DJs, secret rooms and passages, charleston dancers, burlesque from Peggy De Lune, magic from John Bulleid, and much more general debauchery until 2am…

At which point you’ll likely emerge from Gatsby’s invitation-only whisky bar – the entry to which required the good blessings of George Wilson whom you met just earlier – make your way into the main hall, and witness all of the 30+ acts across the whole night come together for one gigantic, all in finale.

Which is also rare.

NOTE: There are two Great Gatsby Parties, one on Friday 3rd February and another on Saturday 4th February, from 10:30pm – 3am at The VAULTS in Waterloo. Tickets – which cost just £16 (+ £1.75 booking fee) – are available right HERE.

ALSO NOTE: The Great Gatsby Experience (a completely immersive theatre show in association with The Great Gatsby Party) is running for all 6 weeks of VAULT Festival 2017, starting on January 25th. You can read more about it HERE.

ALSO (ALSO) NOTE: The Great Gatsby Party is being directed and produced by The Guild Of Misrule and The Immersive Ensemble in association with The Nudge (so, the creative minds behind Secret Cinema), which means it’s essentially guaranteed to live in your memory forever.

The Great Gatsby Party

The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, South London, SE1 8SW