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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Grey Goose Taste By Appointment

Grey Goose Taste By Appointment | Dabbous Restaurant (Partner Content)

“Know Thyself”.

At the heart of this Ancient Greek aphorism is the notion that you should trust your own opinions, and not allow them to be swayed by the masses.

Which is fine when it comes to subjects that you already know everything about, like what kind of music you enjoy, and why you deserve a 300% pay rise.  But to have a defensible opinion on more specialized subjects – like, for example, what your personal taste profile is – a little expert help can go a long way.

Which is where Grey Goose “Taste By Appointment” events come into play.

Because not only will The Goose serve you cocktails and canapés at a white hot London restaurant, they’ll also – almost more importantly – inject your mind with the eternally impressive knowledge of what taste is, how it works… and what yours is.

Yes you already know that you like cream eggs, but that’s unlikely to be of much use the next time you order a cocktail.

Your journey through the complex world of taste will begin with Grey Goose Le Fizz and canapés, followed by cocktails and a scholarly introduction to the world of taste by some of the UK’s most influential tastemakers.  After that: a series of intriguing taste experiments; a lesson from Grey Goose mixologists on how to balance a cocktail to your own unique preferences; and, finally, a one-on-one consultation with the inimitable taste guru and Grey Goose ambassador, Joe McCanta.

An evening filled with cocktails, canapés… and knowledge to last a lifetime.

NOTE: Taste By Appointment is being hosted at Bread Street Kitchen on 1st October, at Hakkasan on 6th October and Dabbous on 13th October. For more info and tickets click HERE.


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Grey Goose Taste By Appointment

Dabbous, Bread St Kitchen, & Hakkasan, London, Central London,