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HUNTED | CoLab Theatre

NOTE: Hunted has finished… but they have an all-new experience called Shooty Shooty Bang Bang for you.

According to the theory of general relativity, technically speaking, you are the centre of the universe.

A notion that’s handily backed-up by Hunted, the all-new immersive two-part theatrical experience from the team behind Crooks, in which you’ll discover (or rather, confirm) that you’re the most important person in the world.

Despite your extraordinary significance however, your life has been thus far strangely uneventful. Except for the huge price on your head, which no-one’s ever mentioned. Until now. You see, the protection you’ve always enjoyed but never known about has been compromised, and the only way to make it out is to go undercover (by buying a ticket).

We can’t let on much for fear of spoiling the show, but rest assured, it will be very, very immersive, almost to the point where you start needing all-new adjectives to describe it.

To start, you’ll go to a specific location in Waterloo, and over the 90 minutes that follow you’ll be chased through tunnels, forced to hide in air vents, tied up and interrogated, and led to eerie warehouses. You’ll have to collect secret packages, meet sleeper agents, and evade enemy agents the entire time, as they try to get answers from you to secrets you didn’t even know you had.

But don’t worry.

You don’t need to be Einstein to figure them out.

NOTE: Hunted starts on October 11th, and runs until the 26th of November. Tickets are £19.50.

NOTE: This offer applies for the entire theatre run, from now until the 26th of November. 

Hunted | Secret Waterloo Location




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