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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Iconoclasts Of Taste

Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste   (Partner Content)

If you haven’t yet heard of Grey Goose’s Iconoclasts Of Taste project, then allow us to start by making one thing abundantly clear.

It exists.

Having spent months hunting for mavericks, misfits, pioneers and revolutionaries, Grey Goose recently unveiled three emerging taste visionaries whose work is changing the way that we think about food and drink. There’s Tasha Marks, who’s challenging perceptions of food by presenting it as art; Dr. Rachel Edwards-Stuart, who’s using science to explore how we match flavours in food and drink; and Ento, who are trying to introduce insects into western diets as a sustainable source of protein.

Yes, insects.

As part of a modern western diet.

The challenge they’ve set for themselves is epic, partly because westerners eat a lot – and insects are really, really small – but mainly because “I’m A Celebrity” has been convincing us for 11 years that insects are probably the very last thing we should ever want to eat.  However it’s a challenge that Ento are rising to in style, having just put tickets on sale for three exciting evenings of ‘Insect Fine Dining & Cocktails’ at a secret London location.

Running from 15th – 17th August, these unconventional dining experiences will start with an insect canapé reception and be followed by Ento themselves introducing four cocktail-paired courses of innovative insect cuisine – which you’ll be free to ask them about, should you fancy doing so…

Just know that insect puns really bug them.

Tickets to Ento’s 3 night insect pop-up are now available HERE.

Note: For further information on the Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste project, to learn more about the visionaries or to book tickets to any of the events visit Grey Goose Taste.

Also Note: There’s also a Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste video, and you can get additional updates by following Grey Goose on Twitter or Facebook


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Carpe Diem!

Iconoclasts Of Taste

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