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In the Heights

In The Heights | Kings Cross Musical 

There are only two things you can be sure of in life:

1) Grass is green.

2) Lin-Manuel Miranda is no slouch when it comes to writing musicals.

…And given what happens to your lawn after a long dry summer, we’re not even 100% sure about the grass.

But when you’re Lin-Manuel Miranda – and you’ve got  a Pulitzer Prize, two Grammys, an Emmy, a MacArthur “Genius” Award, and three Tony awards under your belt, and you’re responsible for Hamilton (the most phenomenally successful show in recent history) – it’s no surprise that your debut musical In The Heights has been preeeeetty well-received. We’re talking Tony Awards, Olivier Awards, and even a Grammy. Yep.

And now, it’s here in London.

Set in the predominately Latino neighbourhood of Washington Heights in New York, ITH tells the story all too familiar to many Londoners: gentrification is driving house prices up. Life is getting tough. And at the crack of dawn on the hottest day of summer, our hero Usnavi opens up his tiny bodega, and discovers he has sold a winning lottery ticket worth $96,000 to someone local. And naturally, he sings about it. In fact the whole show brings together a heady mix of dancing styles too, with salsa, merengue, soul, hip-hop and RnB all commingling on the stage.

It’s currently playing in the Kings Cross Theatre (which itself was nominated for Theatre Building of the Year, which is an award you just discovered existed), a popup space between Granary Square and the station which by day acts as an Edwardian train station, and by night turns into a corner of New York City, opening up its private bar for you to grab a pre/post-show drink.

After all…

…it’s important to keep well-watered.

NOTE: In the Heights is now playing, and booking until October 2016. Ticket prices are a mere £15 for under 25s, and just £22.50-£27.50 for all others – you can book in-person at the theatre, by calling 0844 815 7131, or by simply clicking HERE.

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In the Heights

Kings Cross Theatre, Goods Way, Kings Cross, Central London, N1C 4UR