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KERB Camden

NOTE: KERB Camden has now closed, and Camden Market are taking over the street food side of things. We’ll be back with the scoop when more is announced…

Since their founding, the people at KERB have spent the last four years at the very top of their game, relentlessly working away to ensure that you eat a lot of really, really good street food.

Essentially, they’re the Olympic athletes of making sure that you’re not an Olympic athlete.

And their latest addition might just be the gold medal: welcome to Kerb Camden.

It’s situated in – surprise! – Camden, specifically the freshly dolled-up West Yard, where they’ve found space for 35 traders who’ll be open for business 7 days a week, and taking only one single day off each year. Which must be like Christmas.

Here’s a mere taste of the traders you’ll find there:

Yu Kyu – the first street food van specializing in tonkotsu. You can get it in sandwich form, as a curry & rice, or even in an Asian Sloppy Joe’s.

Maize Blaze – who’ll happily give you a crash course on Colombian cuisine by feeding it to you. Expect corn bread empanadas, asado chicken, and more.

OMD!  – which stands for Oh My Dog, and which means they serve hot dogs. The good kind. Like a heritage breed Frank served in a hand-made demi-brioche bun, topped with braised bourbon chilli-steak.

The Palate – when French chefs from Michelin star kitchens design a burger, this is how they do it. You’ll find blue cheese seeped brioche buns with gravy, beef bourguignon burgers, and more.

Ink – if you’re wondering where the squid-only food stall you ordered was… it’s right here. Get the Salt and Szechuan crispy squid with miso mayo.

And the garnishes to all this? They’ve got a Camden Town Brewery bar, gin from local distillery Half Hitch, aaaand live music every Friday & Saturday.

It’s a winner. 

NOTE: KERB Camden has now been taken over by Camden Market again – we’ll be back when more is announced.

KERB Camden | Camden Market, West Yard, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AF

Main Image: Beny Younathan

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KERB Camden

Camden Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, North London, NW1 8AF

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