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Kopparberg Urban Forest ’15

Kopparberg Urban Forest | Partner Content

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, is that forest the perfect location for a Justin Bieber concert?

Just one of life’s many pressing philosophical questions. Another is “How can I learn to live in the moment?

Meditation is an obvious option. But a more enjoyable one is to simply make the moments of your life as fun as possible… which you can fortunately now do five days a week for free (from 10th June – 12th July) at the Kopparberg Urban Forest. It’s essentially five weeks of alfresco frivolity overflowing with live music from Katy B, Slow Club, Submotion Orchestra, Miss Dynamite, Citizens!, DJ Yoda, Norman Jay, Hip Hop Karaoke and more, all being served up alongside edible treats from an enviable collection of street food vendors, and the finest Swedish fruit ciders known to mankind.

Head there any time for free (yes any time, for free) and you’ll find a makeshift pine forest that’s been pruned, packed up and transported all the way to London from the small Swedish town of Kopparberg, before being reassembled by Swedish gnomes in an open air space right next to Hackney Wick station.

On arrival you’ll uncover two bars serving up regular and iced slushy versions of Kopparberg’s finest ciders, alongside beers from the Kopparberg Bryggeri and a collection of summery cocktails…. all of which, coincidentally, are perfect for washing down Buffalo Joe’s chicken wings in blue cheese dip with BBQ pulled pork baps; Mamas Jerk Station’s spicy Caribbean street food snacks; and Le Bun’s maple syrup-topped truffle and waffle sliders.

Try not living in the moment while eating one of those.


NOTE: The Kopparberg Urban Forest runs from 10th June – 12th July 2015. For more information on The Kopparberg Urban Forest, please email [email protected], or visit their Twitter.

ALSO NOTE: You can check out the Spotify playlists inspired by the artists upcoming performances at Kopparberg Urban Forest, as well as the live setlists of acts who have already graced the stage here — DJ Yoda: inspiration; Sunshine Underground: inspiration, setlist; Vanbot: inspiration, setlist.

Kopparberg Urban Forest | 37–41 Whitepost Lane, Hackney Wick, E9 5EN

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Kopparberg Urban Forest ’15

37-41 Whitepost Lane, Hackney Wick, The City and East London, E9 5EN