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Maman Le Mot

Maman Le Mot | Immersive Theatre

Accordion to a recent study, you can replace the first word of a sentence with the name of a classic French instrument used by cliched pastiches of WW2 resistance fighters, and no-one will notice.

And it’s that kind of subtletey that you’ll need to demonstrate at Maman Le Mot.

From the people at A Place in Time (responsible for taking you back to the ’20s with The Tick Tack Club), MLM is an immersive theatre experience that takes place in France, 1943. You’ll be taking the path of most resistance by joining the French. Here’s how it will go down:

1) After dressing for the occasion (“Breton stripes and baguettes” are thoroughly recommended) you’ll head to a secret bunker in London Bridge. You’ll know it’s secret, because of the bright, flashing sign outside that says “secret agents”.

2) Once inside, you’ll be put into deep cover costume, with an authentic beret, a moustache, and garlands of garlic. In the field, you’ll be invisible.

3) Then, you’ll need an intensive language course, where you’ll learn that merely saying things in a “Fronch” accent makes you effectively fluent. As you always, secretly, suspected.

4) Heading past a secret door, you’ll then be enlisted to send coded transmissions to the resistance cells and help strategise with maps, plots, and miniature warships. And drink smuggled cocktails. Priorities, after all.

5) Then, you’ll be transported to a Moulin Rouge-inspired Parisian bistro, where dinner will be served (with wine, naturally).

6) And once dinner is finished, then the real work begins: swing dancing.

There will be a different mission each evening, and dinner is entirely optional.


NOTE: Maman Le Mot launches on 9th September and is on every Friday and Saturday night, from 7pm to 1am. The location will be revealed upon ticket purchase. Tickets costs £17.50 for entry only (£42.50 for entry and dinner) and are available HERE.



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Maman Le Mot

A Completely Secret Bunker, London Bridge, South London,