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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Midnight Steakout’s High School Prom

Midnight Steakout’s High School Prom | Alternative Nightlife

In 2010 student Ron Blalock’s decision to take his 90-year-old great-grandmother to his high school prom became national news.

Apparently his decision also broke down social boundaries that had separated his classmates for years.  For one night only the jocks, goths, skaters, nerds, stoners and cheerleaders were brought together and unified as one.

They all thought Ron was a massive loser.

Proms are big in the US, and this Saturday you’ll get to find out why – by attending one of your own.

Having dusted off your DJ / prom dress and travelled to the secret location you’ll make your grand entrance to Midnight Steakout’s “Spring Fling Teen Scream American High School Prom”.

After donning a complimentary corsage or buttonhole your evening will start with rock oysters and a prom punch cocktail, before continuing with chargrilled lobster and rib-eye steak served by waitresses “dressed as cheerleaders made up like Pan Am stewardesses”.

You’ll enjoy a build-your-own banana split for dessert and then the after-party will begin, at which point you’ll win the dance-off (to music from Milk Tres and The Broken Hearts) and be crowned either Prom King or Prom Queen.

Or, assuming you do The Worm, both.


NOTE: The password for buying dinner tickets in advance, or after-party tickets on the door, is “schoolspirit”.  For each ticket bought a donation will be made to Centrepoint, a charity for the young and homeless in London.

Midnight Steakout’s High School Prom | Secret location off Brick Lane

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Midnight Steakout’s High School Prom

Abandoned Victorian Train Station, Somewhere Off Brick Lane, The City and East London,