Mrs. Peel’s Boat Party

Mrs. Peel’s Boat Party

Mrs. Peel’s Boat Party | 1960s Revelry

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Know what really floats our boat?

Upthrust equal in magnitude to the volume of fluid displaced

… and 1960s-themed parties hosted in the middle of The Thames.

So allow us to introduce you to an evening that promises to combine both: a one-night-only-party-on-a-boat hosted by The Avengers’ Emma Peel on a psychedelic Thames cruiser. Brought to you by one half of the duo responsible for The (excellent) Candlelight Club, there are only three things you need to know about it:

1) It’s happening in the middle of August. Which is, coincidentally, the time of year that you ought to be attending a party on a boat.

2) It may feel familiar. If you’re familiar with fun. Because there’s going to be live music from The Count Indigo Band; live dancing from six-piece dance troop Catsuit-A-Go-Go, and cheeky dance ensemble The Action Men; live burlesque from Trixie Malicious; a live bar stocked with classic 1960s cocktails; and ‘60s tunes played by live DJs dressed as, um, milkmen. It’s all live.

3) There’s other good stuff. Like psychedelic lighting from weather balloons stuffed with LEDs, dance moves like The Mashed Potato (which we’ve assured the organisers you’ll provide) and lots of 1960s fancy dress stereotypes for you to gawp at, like Mrs. Peel impersonators who know Karate. And Jujitsu.

And a number of other Japanese words.

NOTE: Mrs. Peel’s Boat Party takes place on Saturday 15th August. Tickets are £25 and include a welcome cocktail. The boat leaves from Festival Pier (South Bank, SE1 8XZ) at 8pm before returning to Festival Pier at 12am. The dress code is swinging ‘60s, baby.

Mrs. Peels Boat Party | Festival Pier, South Bank, SE1 8XZ


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Mrs. Peel’s Boat Party

Festival Pier, South Bank, Central London, SE1 8XZ

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