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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Organic Beauty Week

Organic Beauty Week   |    PARTNER CONTENT

The Nudge’s #1 Beauty Tip is…

Always wear a balaclava to bed. Because:

1) It’ll do wonders for your skin, and

2) If your home’s broken into, the burglars will think you’re part of the team.

Though not particularly well known for our beauty tips, we are – as is presumably now clear – very knowledgeable on the subject. Which is why you should take our recommendation to head along to the healthy food mecca Whole Foods Market in Kensington this week very seriously. Do it, and you’ll uncover a collection of pre-bookable events being hosted as part of Pai Skincare’s Organic Beauty Week: a series of talks and classes being run by experts who know almost as much about health and wellbeing, fitness, diet and skincare as we do.  People like –

Calgary Avansino (contributing editor to British Vogue and wellness expert) who’s giving a free talk tonight about how to create an organic beauty regime. Free goodie bag included. We repeat, free goodie bag included.

triyoga (London’s leading yoga gurus), who are hosting a “Vinyasa Flow” class on Sunday afternoon, where mindful yoga expert Julie Montagu’ll be leading a session designed “to harmonise breath and movement”.

Madeleine Shaw (nutritionist to the stars…of Made In Chelsea) who wants to teach you how to feed your skin from the inside out.

Trainers From Equinox (yes, Cameron Diaz’s gym) who are running two total body workouts on Saturday and Sunday morning, finishing off with complimentary cold-pressed juices from Plenish, and also…

Sarah Brown (Founder of Pai Skincare) who’s hosting a couple of “flawless skin” masterclasses over the weekend, tickets for which cost only £5 and yet which magically include a mystery goodie bag for each attendee containing £45 of skincare products.

Balaclavas are, for reasons which we’ll never fully understand, not included.

NOTE: Tickets for Pai’s Organic Beauty Week events at Wholefoods range in price from £5 to £20. You can check out the full listings, and purchase tickets, HERE

(Image: Nutritionist, Madeleine Shaw)

Organic Beauty Week

Wholefoods Market, Kensington High St, West London, W8 5SE

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