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Things to do: Archive | Queen's Park

Nomad & Salt Yard You like sunshine.  You like iberico burgers and hot dogs. You like homemade ice-creams, fudges and smoked paprika popcorn (possibly). You like films. Crazy coincidence, but this combines them all.

Things to do: Archive | A Secret Location

Grease, By Future Cinema Gloriously combine both groove and meaning by winning a set of 6 tickets to one of Future Cinema’s highly anticipated September screenings of “Grease”.

Things to do: Archive | Shoreditch

Basecamp An Olympic “playground for adults” in a car park, featuring a paddling pool; miles of bunting; live Olympic screenings; pop-up food, drinks and games. Yep, a lot of games.

Things to do: Archive | Kings Cross

Endless Plains Londoner Polly Morgan bypasses the traditional taxidermist’s approach of mimicking her subject’s natural habitat by instead placing them in quite unexpected – and often rather peculiar – scenarios….

Things to do: Archive | Islington

A Very Royal Jubilee COMPETITION NOW CLOSED Win tickets to A Very Royal Jubilee this Friday evening. Expect court jesters; The Royal Sideshow Circus; live bands; DJs and, generally, “7 rooms of Grade-A fun”..

Things to do: Archive | A Secret Location

Secret Cinema June 2012 So Secret Cinema returns, this time with a secret venue AND a secret film. What are you paying for, and will it be worth it? Good questions.

Things to do: Archive | Shoreditch

Street Feast & StockMKT So it seems not all of London’s hottest street food vendors are relocating to Chelsea… Smile, as most of them will be at The StockMKT tonight and then Street Feast for the next 12 weeks….

Things to do: Archive | Chelsea

Eat St, Chelsea To all those West Londoners who have been wondering why the street food / pop up thing only ever happens in East London: this one’s for you….

Things to do: Archive | Shoreditch

Deewar (Bollywood Bitesized) Regarding your 2012 New Year Resolutions.. While you could be doing a little better at this stage in the year, please know we love you – unconditionally – just the way you are.