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Things To Do: Archive

Things to do: Archive

The Xmas Starty

In honour of the life-embracing philosophy of Gideon Reeling Esq, allow yourself to b...

Things to do: Archive
London Bridge

Sky Lodge

A secret rooftop retreat, located near the base of the mountainous Shard building, op...

Things to do: Archive

La Soirée Christmas 2011

A lycra-clad, bearded chanteuse called Le Gateau Chocolat; a pair of English Gents, s...

Things to do: Archive

Feast Of St. Martin

Oysters and black velvet cocktails in a secret subterranean vault; a lantern processi...

Things to do: Archive

TJ Johnson at the Brompton Bar & Grill

An eccentric, trilby-topped, gravelly bluesman will shun the bright lights of stardom...

Things to do: Archive

Faulty Towers Dining Experience

There is a restaurant in London which will brazenly, and gleefully, ignore your desir...

Things to do: Archive

2.8 Hours Later

Your birthday, Christmas, the vernal equinox and getting chased by zombies all have s...

Things to do: Archive
Brick Lane

Experimental Food Society

Back for the second time, the members of the Experimental Food Society will be showca...

Things to do: Archive

Stumblin’ Slims

“A cross between Prom Night and a late night drag race meet”, Stumblin’ Slims...