Things To Do: Archive

Things to do: Archive | Hoxton

Reuben Feels 2-4-1 tickets and a complimentary cocktail at Reuben Feels’ brand new show The Last Dance.

Things to do: Archive | Hoxton

Barullo Considering Argentina could fit roughly 11 United Kingdoms into its own land area, some people might claim that squeezing it all into one East End warehouse would be impossible.

27th Oct '16
Things to do: Archive | Hoxton

Hoxtoberfest Worried you’ve missed the boat on Octoberfest celebrations? Keine Panik! The metaphorical and literal boat are still here. Parked at Hoxton Docks.

Things to do: Archive | Shoreditch

Game 2016 At Lyle’s Games. You win some. You lose some. You eat some. And at Lyle’s – which has recently added to its incredible reviews with a shiny new Michelin star – it’s the latter.

Things to do: Archive | London Fields

Time Run The Celestial Chain Time Run Is Now Closed | The last time you went time travelling hasn’t happened yet. But it’s definitely going to, just as soon as you book tickets to attend The Celestial Chain.

Things to do: Archive | Spitalfields

London Cocktail Week 2016 You should never mix your drinks. Particularly during London Cocktail Week, when hundreds of the city’s finest bartenders are ready, willing and able to do it for you.

Things to do: Archive | Bethnal Green

Oktoberfest East Backpfeifengesicht literally means ‘a face that deserves to be slapped’ in German. Which may be what you want to do to us if we neglected to tell you that Oktoberfest is coming to London and is bringing with it unlimited steins of original Oktoberfest bier.

Things to do: Archive | Dalston

The Chambord Chapter 8 Games Play croquet. With flamingo mallets. On a rooftop. And of course, at an event like this, there will be plenty of booze, too.

Things to do: Archive | London Bridge

Maman Le Mot Time to take the path of most resistance, by attending an immersive theatre experience set in France (in 1943).