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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Ray-Ban Envision Series

Ray-Ban Envision Series | Partner Content

Summer’s back.

Which usually requires you to do only three things:

1) Don a pair of Ray-Bans

2) Look good

3) Have fun

Yes, in that order.

However this year, before winter rolls around once more, there’s one more item you’ll want to add to your summer ‘To Do’ list…

4) Win tickets to one of Ray-Ban’s 5 exclusive Envision events, where DJs and some of the UK’s hottest up n’ coming bands (including Spector and Theme Park) will join forces in unique venues across the country to showcase the best talent in the UK.

The events are being held in Manchester and Bristol in May; then in Leeds, Birmingham and London in June. On arrival you’ll be invited to design your own bespoke t-shirt*, before embarking on a VIP session of music.

Each event’s been themed around the different qualities of Ray-Ban lenses – the engine of the sunglasses – celebrated in their latest campaign: long lasting, impact resistant, anti-glare, built to move and outshine.

The way to get tickets? Share your dreams.

If you have an unfulfilled ambition, or a creative vision that’s yet to be unleashed on the world, then share it with Ray-Ban for your chance to not only win tickets to one of their events, but to have your vision made into a reality this September.

And if you’re having fun this summer anyway, may as well give yourself a shot at realising a lifelong dream at the same time…

“Don’t wait.The time will never be just right.”

– Napoleon Hill

Amen to that.

For more information on the events – and for your chance to win tickets and the opportunity to have your dream realised – upload your vision to Ray-Ban

NOTE: You can learn more about it from Ray-Ban on Facebook and Twitter #ENVISIONSERIES

*If you attend an event in Leeds, Manchester or Birmingham


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Ray-Ban Envision Series

Across The UK,