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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Samsung Club Des Chefs

Samsung Club Des Chefs | Partner Content 

Let’s boldly begin with three assumptions.

1. You can cook.

2. You have friends, and

3. You enjoy winning dinner at Michelin-starred restaurants.

If you enjoy complimentary mini-breaks in France and / or California too*, then feast your eyes on Samsung Club des Chefs, an exciting new collaboration between Samsung, an elite collection of Michelin star-rated chefs, food visionaries… and you.

The premise here is simple.

Samsung design their home appliances for people who love to cook. If that’s you, then they’d like you to share your best cooking story – documented by three photographs – on their Facebook page.

The first photo will show the one ingredient in your meal that most inspired you; the second will show the meal itself; and the third will show the moment that you shared your meal with others (whether at a birthday party, an intimate proposal meal, or during the best homemade-movie-night-feast anyone’s ever had).

Your friends will come into play as soon as you’ve uploaded your story, because to win you’ll need to get them to back your story by voting it up on Samsung’s Club Des Chef page.  Assuming that it ends up being one of the ten most popular stories – which it clearly will – Club des Chefs members Michel Trisgros, Eric Trochon and Christopher Kostow will select their Grand Winner.

Which is the point at which you’ll need to pack your bags for a trip to either France or Napa Valley to enjoy an overnight stay and dinner at a Michelin 3-star restaurant…

… with a guest of your choice, naturally.

NOTE: You can find out more about Club Des Chefs, and begin your journey to winning this thing…. RIGHT HERE.


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Samsung Club Des Chefs