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Neil Frame 07/01/70


Scrapclub | Break Things

A healthy, balanced diet.


Regular exercise.

Smashing stuff up with a sledgehammer.

All are great methods of reducing stress, however one of them works much better than all of the others…


But smashing stuff up works pretty well too, and so allow us to introduce you to Scrapclub – returning to London on Sunday 15th September.

On arrival you’ll be given a pair of safety goggles, a helmet, gloves and an extensive selection of sledgehammers, crowbars, bats and pipes.  Overlooked by professional first-aiders you’ll then be given free reign to destroy various household objects from TVs, washing machines and cookers to computers, musical instruments and cars (all of which have been carefully sourced by the organisers and are already irreparably, and unconditionally, broken).

But why?

That’s a good question. The complicated answer’s something to do with undermining our increasing reliance on devices and machines; to remind ourselves that it is we who own our material possessions, and not them who own us; that behind and within matter, the creative spirit is hidden…

But the simple answer is it’s fun.

This is the Scrapclub website, but a limited number of tickets are now on sale here.

NOTE: Tickets are extremely limited, and so guaranteed to sell out very quickly. If the tickets are sold out by the time you get there, then you can register your email address on the Scrapclub website in order to be the very first to hear about their next London event.

ALSO NOTE: If this link to their website doesn’t work, then that may be because you’ve crashed it (like you did to the 2.8 Hours Later website last week). But it is the correct link.


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Carpe Diem!


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