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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Second Word From the Story Of The Cage

The Second Word from the Story of the Cage | Merge Festival

Remember the last time you were at a show which involved audience participation and, like a giddy schoolgirl, you instantly volunteered yourself to take part?

Didn’t think so.

And yet, and yet, the raging popularity of immersive theatrical performances continues to swell.

We’ll thank the old hypothesis that there’s safety in numbers for that – a hypothesis, incidentally, which will be of particular relevance the next time you find yourself heading into a disused WWII air raid shelter behind the Tate Modern…

Behold “The Second Word from the Story of the Cage”, a 90-minute bout of immersive theatre at Bankside’s Merge Festival which tells the story of “selfishness among gender, race and class”, and which will ask you to consider “the opposites of daily life…. while being plunged into darkness on a slow, silent trip into an invisible world”.

We’ve no idea what any of that means either.

But that’s not the point.  Because this isn’t a play that you need to know everything about in advance – it’s a journey. A crazy, blindfolded pilgrimage into the deep unknown which – they claim – is likely to culminate in a “spiritual experience” within the gritty confines of an air raid shelter.

This is clearly one for the curious; the swashbuckling; the adventurous; the open-minded and the giddy…

You should totally go.


The Second Word from the Story of the Cage (tickets cost £20) is part of Bankside’s Merge Festival, which runs until the 21st October 2012.  Full listings & info available HERE.


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Second Word From the Story Of The Cage

Hopton Almshouses, Hopton Street, Southwark, South East London, SE1 9JJ