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The Secret Island

The Secret Island | Partner Content

You’re about to join a secret club.

Its members are few.

They’re the sort of people who unwittingly obtain insider information regarding brand new, “impossible-to-get-tickets-for”, limited-run, immersive dining experiences. Specifically, they’re the sort of people who managed to secure tickets for The Secret Island: a clandestine ‘multidimensional dining’ adventure hosted by Gingerline and The Singapore Tourism Board which is soon going to see a limited number of very fortunate guests transported into four edible dimensions, throwing them head first into a melting pot of food, theatre, art, design and time travel.

Yes, actual time travel.

Operating in secret at an unknown location somewhere in London, there are in fact only five things that we can tell you about it for sure:

1) It’s run by the makers of Gingerline, who have previously sent their diners tumbling through labyrinthine corridors into mad puppeteers’ workshops, and journeying out of this world on intergalactic cabaret-fuelled spaceships.

2) It’s a one off, month long event which – we have on good authority – is said to herald a new dawn in the world of immersive dining experiences.

3) It’s going to involve a ‘boat ride’; four courses of food, where you’ll be able to feast in not just one parallel reality but a sequence of contrasting dining dimensions, each one containing a dimension-specific, mouth-watering course.

4) It’s also going to involve a text at 4:30pm, directions to a secret entrance, cocktails, more cocktails, and hours of unadulterated discovery, excitement and adventure.

5) And… it’s completely sold out.

However we’ve luckily been gifted an unheard of allocation of 120 tickets to give away for an exclusive Nudge readers-only night at The Secret Island on Friday 5th June, courtesy of Singapore’s Tourism Board, who – in a celebration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence – have also organised Ex-Parte (an exhibition bringing together established and emerging British and Singaporean artists); live Singaporean music from the likes of Charlie Lim and Gentle Bones at Rough Trade East; and Singapore: Inside Out – a giant golden jubilee celebration of creativity and collaboration in Singapore’s cultural belt, spanning four countries… and touching down at Brick Lane Yard in London on June 24th for a five day exhibition of Singaporean architecture, design, fashion, film, live music, food and the literary, performing and visual arts.

Singapore should turn 50 more often.

NOTE: This competition is now closed.

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The Secret Island

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