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Swallows & Amazons

Swallows & Amazons | Private Bar & BBQ

Ah, this is a special one.

Our friends at Disappearing Dining Club have spent over a year negotiating, pulling strings and flirting outrageously with The Powers That Be in order to bring to fruition a very special series of dining experiences.

For the first time ever, LASSCO – Maltby Street’s celebrated purveyor of architectural antiques, salvage and curiosities – has agreed to open its doors to a limited number of guests each Friday and Saturday evening between 19th June and 11th July, so that they might enjoy DDC’s summery cocktails and barbecued small plates both within a candlelit LASSCO itself, and in a private outdoor section of “foodie mecca” Maltby Street.

It’s been named Swallows & Amazons in homage to the book of the same name, which is all about a group of children exploring a secret island. This is going to be almost exactly like that, with only three key differences….

1) LASSCO isn’t an island. But it is a dimly lit, beautiful and eccentric architectural treasure trove that you’re going to enjoy exploring between courses, to a soundtrack of laidback rock & roll and disco. Amongst the antiques, salvage and curiosities you’ll uncover The Barge Bar, The Eisenhower Lounge and, outside, that BBQ terrace.

2) The children in Swallows & Amazons didn’t need to buy a £26 ticket to visit their island, but you’ll need to do just that in order to attend this. That said, those children weren’t served a welcome Mint Julep when they arrived; they didn’t have complimentary food delivered to them throughout their stay; and they certainly didn’t have unfettered access to a bar overflowing with Swallows Spritz and Wild Cat Sangria.

3) One of the children in the book was named Titty.

There is unlikely to be anyone of that name here.


NOTE: Swallows & Amazons runs from June 19th – July 11th, 2015. For more information, questions and queries, please contact [email protected].

Swallows & Amazons | LASSCO, 41 Maltby Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3PA

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Swallows & Amazons

LASSCO , 41 Maltby Street, Bermondsey, South London, SE1 3PA