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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Tanqueray Thursdays

#TanquerayThursdays 2014 | Partner Content 

The biggest problem with World Gin Day – which will be celebrated around the world this Saturday, 14th June – is the fact that it’s “a day”.

Just seems a little insufficient.

A more appropriate tribute to gin might, we suspect, be to stretch out your celebrations by enjoying two-for-one gin cocktails at ten of London’s finest cocktail bars every Thursday, for ten weeks. Which, by a convenient stroke of luck, is exactly what #TanquerayThursdays are all about.

Fittingly brought to you by a gin brand born almost 200 years ago in London’s Bloomsbury – which if you must insist on imbibing just one complimentary statistic about it, also happens to be the best-selling gin in the top 50 Best Bars In The World – #TanquerayThursdays are basically just like normal Thursdays, only better. An open invitation to start your weekends early and in style, they’ll be allowing you to enjoy two-for-one Tanqueray cocktails every week simply by picking one (or more) of London’s ten participating bars, showing the bartenders there that you’ve tweeted something to do with #TanquerayThursdays… and yeah, that’s it.

There’s a bar crawl in here somewhere.

The highly venerated clutch of participating night spots (full information for which you’ll find here) includes a Fitzrovian drinking den; a subterranean, oriental playground; a bar hidden through the back of a fridge; and Europe’s largest social ping pong club, Bounce… which happens to be this week’s featured bar. And as this week’s featured bar, Bounce is doing what each of the other participating bars are going to be doing one by one over the next ten weeks: offering you the chance of winning a ridiculous competition prize, all in the name of good gin.

So if you’d like to win an epic night of dinner, cocktails and ping pong at Bounce for you and your friends PLUS a secret card which no one knows exists (despite the fact that it does) which’ll grant you free ping pong at Bounce for an entire year… then enter here.

Note: #TanquerayThursdays 2014 will be running for ten weeks, from 9th June 18th August 2014. For a full list of the participating bars, information about each week’s featured bar and weekly opportunities to enter brand new competitions, visit our #TanquerayThursdays page HERE.


Tanqueray Thursdays

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