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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Tasting Tuesdays @ Whole Foods

Tasting Tuesdays, Whole Foods Market | Partner Content

It’s important to stand for something.

Like “waterskiing”, for example.

Or, if you’re Whole Foods Market, “selling only natural, organic foods”. You know, the kind of food that’s unadulterated by artificial flavors, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. The kind of food that isn’t drowned in toxic chemicals.  The kind of food that you’d eat every day if you knew someone in the countryside who grew their own vegetables, read their livestock stories before bed and caught their fish in the wild with a rod they’d made themselves out of string and wood… and who was willing to bring all of their goodies to you in London.

Yeah. That kind of food.

Anyway while the major supermarkets have been competing against each other to get the price of a tin of baked beans down to 5p, Whole Foods have been busy creating their own promotion: Tasting Tuesdays.

Basically if you turn up to any Whole Foods Market in London (they’re in Richmond, Kensington, Camden, Fulham, Stoke Newington, Piccadilly Circus and Clapham) on any Tuesday evening between 5pm and 7pm then you’ll find six glass jars at the front of the store, each of which represents a department within Whole Foods. Take a cork, wander around the market and you’ll find staff from each of the departments giving away free dishes that they’ve created especially for that week. Even the Beauty Department – who served us raw chocolate brownies with coconut oil – get in on the act.

Once you’ve sampled dishes from each of the different departments, pop your cork into your favourite department’s jar (on your way out) and the winning team at the end of the month will be showered in prizes by Whole Foods… which is why, you should probably know, they get competitive and so will do anything to get your vote.

Some, and we’re not mentioning any names*, have even been known to give out second helpings.

*Sue in Seafood.

NOTE: Tasting Tuesdays run every Tuesday evening (from 5pm-7pm) at Whole Foods Market in Richmond, Kensington, Camden, Fulham, Stoke Newington, Piccadilly Circus and Clapham. Just turn up, grab a cork and get tasting.

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Tasting Tuesdays @ Whole Foods

Whole Foods In Richmond, Kensington, Camden, Fulham, Stoke Newington, Piccadilly Circus & Clapham, Central London,