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The Chambers Of Flavour

The Chambers Of Flavour | By Gingerline

A few weeks ago immersive dining specialists Gingerline created a brand new world.

It was called The Secret Island; it saw diners travelling through time and space on an epic culinary voyage of Singapore involving boats, rainforests, rivers, and futuristic bars; and it proved two things:

1) That Gingerline’s idea for extreme immersive dining – where a hidden world is gradually uncovered, with each course of food being enjoyed in a completely new, and totally unexpected environment – was a really good one. And,

2) That their events always sell out, instantly.

And so they’re doing it all over again. Only this time they’ve created an entirely new world… called The Chambers Of Flavour.

We’re not allowed to tell you exactly what it is you’re in for. What we can tell you, however, is that Gingerline’s new world is a rare and magical machine that’s part flavour laboratory and part parallel reality vortex; it takes up an entire building in East London; and it promises to deliver you maximum sensory overload over five courses of dinner hosted by a medley of performers within five very different dining dimensions.

The first batch of tickets – from 22nd Sept to 16th Nov – went on sale yesterday, and sold out immediately.  Which is really bad news, particularly as Gingerline aren’t putting their December tickets on sale for another month. Fortunately, however, they’ve given us an exclusive link to a ticketing page that no one else knows about, where you can buy tickets from 17th Nov to 28th Nov.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity we hereby present to you – to secure advance tickets for any date from 17th to 28th November 2015 before anyone else (bearing in mind that if you miss this opportunity, your chances of making it along to The Chambers Of Flavour in the future will immediately reduce by approximately 98%) then you can now do so… HERE.

But only for the next 48 hours.

NOTE: Our ticket allocation for The Chambers Of Flavour sold out instantly. If you’d like to buy tickets, the best way to do so is to sign up to Gingerline’s email list HERE – you’ll then be notified of future ticket releases.

ALSO NOTE: This experience is not suitable for those who are uncomfortable with travelling through small spaces in unusual ways. If you have any mobility requirements then you must contact Gingerline in advance of booking your tickets.

The Chambers Of Flavour

A Secret Location, East London,