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The Nomad Cinema @ The Imperial War Museum

The Nomad Cinema @ The Imperial War Museum | Real to Reel: A Century of War Movies

War movies.

No matter how good they are …you kind of hope they never need a sequel.

And nowhere is more acutely aware of that than the Imperial War Museum, who’re holding a new, major exhibition on battle flicks over the next couple of months. And because no film-centric exhibition would be complete without the actual films, the Nomad Cinema are stepping in to provide them.

On the evenings of November 2nd-4th, you can step into the exhibition space after hours, and take in a screening while sitting under an entire suspended Spitfire (alongside over 200 other objects/ props/ etc. from various genre classics)

The films in question include Atonement, Casablanca, and Full Metal Jacket, and not only will your ticket include a post-closing time browse of the exhibition, but you’ll also get a complimentary drink, and “themed refreshments from the cafe”…

So grab a glass, and (Black Hawk) down it.

NOTE: “Real to Reel: A Century of War Movies” is open now at The Imperial War Museum. Movie nights by The Nomad Cinema take place on the November 2nd-4th, and cost £25 per ticket, which you can get HERE.


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The Nomad Cinema @ The Imperial War Museum

IWM London, Lambeth Road, Lambeth, South London, SE1 6HZ