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Neil Frame 07/01/70

The Nudge Bazaar

The Nudge Bazaar

For a long time we’ve been searching for a website that only sells things we like.

You know, things like portraits of koalas wearing Hawaiian shirts; magic clocks; beautiful hand drawn maps of London; lights made out of industrial piping which look like little men; machines that peel apples; doormats with attitude problems; and cocktail shakers from Brooklyn.

Just the essentials, really.

On failing to find one we decided to create it ourselves, and so immediately embarked on a perilous voyage around the world with only a donkey called Nigel and an unnamed camel for company. The trip was a huge success and recently resulted in our triumphant return to London, laden with an outstanding collection of goods which have absolutely nothing in common beyond their unquestionable ability to make people happy.

We put everything in a tiny warehouse manned by three Oompa Loompas whom we quite literally stumbled across inside a Guatemalan cave (and then transported back to London in a potato sack) before promptly listing the goods on a website which we humbly share with you now….

The Nudge Bazaar.

It’s basically a little sister for The Nudge, which will quickly grow to contain many of the finest objects and experiences on earth…

…. but which, for now, contains only the items that we could carry home on Nigel.

NOTE: Please note that the Nudge Bazaar is no longer active. But don’t worry, you can quickly distract yourself by checking out the most exciting things happening in London this month

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Carpe Diem!

The Nudge Bazaar

Central London,

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