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Time Run The Celestial Chain

Time Run | The Celestial Chain

Updated 25/04/18Sadly Time Run has now closed. Sad face.

The last time you went time travelling hasn’t happened yet.

But it’s definitely going to, just as soon as you book tickets to attend The Celestial Chain.

A brand new immersive gaming experience from the creators of Time Run, The Lance Of Longinus, The Celestial Chain consists of five unique worlds (based in both the far-flung future, and the distant past) which you’ll travel through with your friends, solving puzzles and completing challenges as you go, alongside Edwardian adventurer Luna Fox and her robotic assistant Babbage.

Other than the presence of Luna and Babbage, this new sprint through time offers up a completely different experience to Time Run’s original format (which you can still book into here), with its creators having not only dedicated over 3,000 sq ft of East London real estate to building an exciting collection of new worlds for you to explore, but having also invented an entirely new format of gameplay that’ll see you gathering up artefacts from across time in order to imprison an ancient, evil force….

….and picking up points for your team, along the way.

Trust us, you enjoyed this.

Updated 25/04/18Sadly Time Run has now closed. Sad face.

NOTE: Tickets for The Celestial Chain start at £25 and can now be bought HERE. The run finishes 25th April 2018.

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Time Run The Celestial Chain

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