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Neil Frame 07/01/70

UFF Tea Merchants

UFF Tea Merchants | Tea Experience

Today we have the undeniable honour of being the very first to invite you to attend an oriental tea tasting in a London Bridge warehouse, wearing only your finest evening attire.

White tie, ideally.

Your invitation comes courtesy of UFF Tea Merchants Ltd, a company located – not entirely by coincidence – just a stone’s throw from the creaking Victorian underworld that was Leyshon Brothers Bonded Warehouse, where a successful run of immersive theatrical soirées were hosted last year.

For over a century UFF have been importing ancient Chinese tea blends said to be capable of transporting you to another time and place.

Specifically, Shanghai. In 1936.

And now for the first time UFF would like to invite you – respecting the requested dress code of plunging backless crowd pleasers, dinner jackets, bow ties, fedoras and military attire – to visit their premises for an evening which will begin in 2013 with a traditional tea-blending ceremony, and continue 77 years earlier at a private party inside the residence of one of Shanghai’s most magnanimous hosts.

Should your tea’s transformative qualities have the desired effect you’ll become immersed in an illicit and glamorous world of live jazz and cabaret, chatting with members of Shanghai’s High Society and having serving girls in lace cocktail dresses deliver Pots Of Iniquity and Opium Tears to your candlelit table.

It’s a bit like that opening sequence in Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom…

You know, the one where anything goes.

UFF Tea Merchants | 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL


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UFF Tea Merchants

8 Holyrood Street , London Bridge, The City and East London, SE1 2EL