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Hattie Lloyd 28/11/21

Walk the Thames

Jogging is dangerous.

You can twist an ankle and fall on your face. And it makes your cocktail go everywhere.

So, clearly walking is the way to go. And this ambling tour of the Thames is the perfect way to indulge in a spectacular little bit of water-adjacent bipedalism, while taking in some of London’s top attractions en route.

So, put some comfy shoes on and let’s head out:

Westminster Station

westminster bridge and big ben

Eva Dang/Unsplash

Westminster is like the black hole of London. Not because it’s easy to get lost in, but because so much has been squeezed into such a small space. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Statue of Boudicca can all be seen on the river’s banks. And Westminster Abbey, the Cenotaph, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace are all within a few hundred metres of Westminster Station.
Nearby food & drink: The Cinnamon Club, Old Queen Street Café

Number of steps to next location: 500

County Hall & the London Eye

Continuing East as you walk the Thames will give you the perfect view of County Hall (now the home of the London Sea Life Aquarium) and the London Eye. However, the London Eye gets more visitors per year than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza, so maybe avoid the hordes of tourists and look from afar. Unless you absolutely love a Ferris wheel, then go ahead.

Number of steps to next location: 800

Cleopatra’s Needle and Somerset House

Somerset House

Robert Bye/Unsplash

Past Embankment Station you will find Cleopatra’s Needle guarded by two Egyptian sphinxes. Built in Egypt around 1460 BC, it’s technically London’s oldest landmark. Somerset House is the former palace of the Duke of Somerset and is now home to exhibitions, the Courtauld Gallery, and the city’s most popular winter ice rink.
Nearby food & drink: You’re spoilt for choice with great Covent Garden restaurants and bars a stone’s throw away. Some of our favourites include The Oystermen, Cora Pearl, and Lady of the Grapes.

Number of steps to next location: 1000

Temple Gardens

inner temple gardens

According to Shakespeare in his work Henry VI Part 1, this is the location where the War of the Roses began. True or not, these small gardens surrounded by Georgian and Tudor law buildings are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Nearby food & drink: Toklas for pastries, sandwiches & coffee to go, or Ikoyi for a Michelin-starred blow-out.

Number of steps to next location: 1200

OXO Tower

It’s worth taking the slightly longer walk across Blackfriars Bridge to the OXO Tower for its eighth-floor public viewing gallery and restaurant, bar and brasserie. Once upon a time storing piles and piles of gravy, this iconic landmark of the London skyline is now filled with design studios, shops, cafes, exhibitions and apartments.
Nearby food & drink: Other than the OXO Tower’s restaurant, bar and brasserie, truly excellent cocktail bar Lyaness and rooftop bar 12th Knot are close by.

Number of steps to next location: 1000 (walk the Thames Path)

Tate Modern & Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare Globe

Formerly Bankside Power Station, the Tate Modern is now home to a huge collection of international modern and contemporary art (and easily one of the best free things to do in London). Although the original Globe Theatre was destroyed by a fire in 1613, this modern reconstruction is worth an educational visit, but if you have more time there is no better place to enjoy the great bard’s work. Groundling tickets (where you can stand in the metaphorical shoes of Tudor peasants) start from a fiver.
Nearby food & drink: Swan Restaurant and Bar on the theatre’s site offers afternoon tea, dinner and drinks – as well as pre- and post-theatre dining – set on two floors with views of the river and St Paul’s. However, we would urge you to wait to eat until the next stop.

Number of steps to next location: 600

Clink Prison Museum & Borough Market

London attraction: Borough Market


Dating back to 1144, Clink Prison is literally the reason we use the phrase “the clink”. The museum is a “hands-on, educational experience” with torture devices aplenty. It’s just round the corner from the Golden Hinde, a full-scale replica of the pirate ship where, amongst other things, Sir Francis Drake invented the mojito. Borough Market has never had a recorded official opening. So, get down there with some red ribbon and a giant pair of scissors and cause a scene. Claiming to have been running since 1014, Borough Market is the place for fresh produce, independent retailers and artisanal food.
Nearby food & drink: The market stalls in Borough Market Kitchen – or Padella, Elliot’s Café or Hawksmoor.

Number of steps to next location: 400

The Shard

London Skyline: The Shard

You could stop nearly anywhere as you walk the Thames and get a view of the Shard, but it’s worth a visit to one of London’s best viewpoints itself, for a panorama of the rest of the city. Book ahead here.
Nearby food & drink: Very nearby food and drink comes from the multiple restaurants and bars in The Shard.

Number of steps to next location: 1200

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

R Spegel/Unsplash

Over 50 designs were originally submitted for Tower Bridge, but it wasn’t until Sir Horace Jones – who just happened to be on the judging panel – submitted his design that a decision was made. From here you can see the old City Hall building, HMS Belfast and the Tower of London.
Nearby food & drink: Restaurant Story – it has all you need. Apart from fresh pasta, which you can find at Legare.

Number of steps to next location: 600

Tower of London

tower of london

Joseph Gilbey/Unsplash

“If the ravens leave the Tower, the Kingdom will fall.” How very Game of Thrones. Most of us simply try our best not to spill the salt, but whatever waves your flag. Still, this 1000-year-old fortress is a pretty fascinating building, and to say that there’s some history at the Tower of London is underselling it just a tad.
Nearby food & drink: The scenic St Katherine Docks is home to Bravas Tapas, or head for chops at Blacklock City.

Approximate Total Number of Steps: 7300. That deserves a sit down.


Walk The Thames: Power Edition

Further West: Kew Gardens, Battersea Park and Tate Britain are all there if you want to continue to walk the Thames to the West, and there are many restaurants in Kensington, Chelsea and Knightsbridge to help break up the longer trek – including The River Café, Chicama and Medlar.
Further East: If skyscrapers are your thing, then a few miles east of where our walking tour ended is Canary Wharf (just 5 stops on the DLR from Tower Gateway), with eating and drinking opportunities aplenty, alongside the Museum of London Docklands and activity bars like Clays Canary Wharf and Electric Shuffle.

Disclaimer: Number of steps are approximate and have been estimated using an average person’s stride length of approximately 2.1 to 2.5 feet. Plus, we do bars and restaurants (and walking tours) – not maths.

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