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Wiretapper | Immersive Theatre

Allow us to introduce Wiretapper: a sleek world of surveillance, auditory illusions and clandestine theatre set around some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

And you’ve never seen, heard, or done anything like it.

Brought to you by the creative, theatrical minds behind Shunt, it hits London on May 24th; it’ll run all summer long; and it is, uniquely, all accessed via an app which guides you through the entire experience.

Here’s what you can expect:

The night before the event you’ll download your ticket, and the following morning you’ll receive an email telling you where to go. Rest assured it will be a very public place (and always in Central London). You’ll have no idea who’s an actor, or even a fellow audience member. You’ll put on your headphones, open the app, and…

The main character will be speaking directly to you. You’ll have to find him without becoming too conspicuous yourself whilst infiltrating crowds, listening in on conversations and gradually discovering your fellow audience members (as you all simultaneously begin to behave like the weirdest flashmob ever.)

Don’t forget your headphones… because to enhance the whole experience they’re using specialised binaural audio, engineered specifically to create 3D sound environments (which means that you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing headphones).

The End. As the sun sets behind London’s CCTV network (the show starts earlier/ later each day to perfectly sync with the sunset) you’ll head to a nearby bar for a drink and a chat with your fellow audience members.

That’s when things will become a lot less clandestine.

NOTE: Wiretapper is running from now until the end of summer, 2016. You can reserve tickets – which are just £20pp – to Wiretapper through their website HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Wiretapper is an immersive theatre experience run through an App, currently available on Apple iPhone and Android. The whole show will take around 1hr, and you’ll need a well-charged phone, some headphones, and a coat. Further instructions will be sent upon ticket purchase.

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