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Skins | Loaded Potato Skins Residency 

Metallica’s personal chef wants to give you some skin.

And as strange as that sentence might be to read, it’s true. To wit: Simon Mitchell who works with Rockpool Tour Catering looking after the hard rock legends, has decided to bring back the 80s in his own way by loading and reloading potato skins in a series of popups.

And they have been very good. So now, he’s graduating to a full-on residency (the difference is lost on us, but it sounds like a promotion of sorts) this December at Stoke Newington’s absurdly cool Haunt.

On the menu, you’ll find ‘tater hides including the Fleetwood Mac & Cheese (mac, cheese, bacon, crispy onions, jalapeños); The Ribman (Ribman pork rib meat, Holy F**k hot sauce, pickled pear, crackling); and the Beet It (beetroot risotto, crispy roots, parmesan, candied beet, mascarpone) – plus equally inventive sides like chickpea fries or pork crackling nachos.

Oh, and the inside of all the potato is donated to The Hive Dalston Social Project where they recycle food to feed the community.

Which is pretty rockin’.

NOTE: Skins is open now at Haunt, until December 18th. You can see the full menu right HERE.


Sorry, this event has now finished. Please feel free to look at our alternative members experiences available right now just HERETake a friend to Skins at Haunt; peruse the menu; pick your order; tell your waiter, and while you’re at it say the words ‘give me some skin’, in return for which you’ll not only both get a high-five, you’ll also get DOUBLE all of your chosen potato skins. 

When – until December 18th. Cost – 2-4-1 skins. Note – maximum groups of 2. Access – for instructions on how to book this experience, please unlock the padlocked chest on this page. 

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Haunt, 182 Stoke Newington Road, North East London, N16 7UY