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Talli Joe | The Vaults

Talli Joe | The Vaults

Exclusive Members' Experience

Talli Joe | The Vaults

In focus today: Indian restaurants.

Specifically, the not yet open, centre of Soho, relaxed, all-day restaurant and cocktail bar kind.

More specifically, Talli Joe: a restaurant teaming up rambunctious energy and strong cocktails with the Michelin Starred ex-head chef of Benares.

There’s a high probability it’ll be good.

Aaaand that probability’s even higher for Nudge members. Because you’re getting a big old preview night, at which not only will you be the first to see it, you’ll be getting:

1) A welcome Indian style cocktail, and a selection of bar nibbles.

2) Three dishes from a specially curated menu, including things like bone marrow nihari, a classic, slow cooked stew served with Indian bread; konkani tisre clam and coconut curry; khaad phulka of soya mince, potato and unleavened flat bread baked together in a traditional earthen oven known as a “khaad”; pork stewed in chilli, coconut and vinegar, and served with sanna savoury rice cakes; and patisapta, a take on the classic Bengali dessert of thin crepes, filled with coconut and jaggery, with a dash of rum.

3) Another two cocktails to pair with your food. Like The Badnam, a whiskey based punch with saffron, almond and milk; the aged rum and filter coffee Baba Budan No 7; Indian Gimlets of turmeric infused gin with lime and sugar; and vodka infused chilled masala chai with lime, sugar and egg white Cutting Chai’s, among others.

4) A housewarming gift.

That one’s a surprise.


Sorry, this event has now finished. Please feel free to peruse our alternative members experiences just HERE.

Cost£25pp. (You can purchase up to 2 tickets in total).

When – Tuesday 3rd May, Session 1: 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Session 2: 9pm – 11pm.

Our Talli Joe preview is running over two seperate sessions on Tuesday 3rd May, each lasting two hours. Session 1 runs from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, and Session 2 runs from 9pm – 11pm. You can purchase up to 2 tickets in total. Meaning one for yourself and one for a lucky friend.

Where – Talli Joe | 152-156 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho WC2H 8HL

AccessFor instructions on how to book this Nudge members’ experience, please open the padlocked chest on this page.


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Talli Joe | The Vaults

152-156 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, Central London, WC2H 8HL


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