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Best Date Ideas in Notting Hill

The Best Date Ideas in Notting Hill

Notting Hill.

Potentially one of the top romantic hotspots in the capital, considering that even bumbling shopkeepers can pick up world-famous movie stars in bookshops there.

Head over and you’ll probably experience a similarly overwhelming amount of romantic attention…which is why you’ll be needing all of these date ideas in Notting Hill to deal with it all.

Good luck.

Go on an antiques crawl down Portobello Road.

best date ideas in Notting Hill
Image credit: Fred Bigio

Buy each other trinkets that you’ll never use again. 

Shop for vinyl at Honest Jon’s legendary record store
Which means you should probably hunt for a turntable too.

Enjoy some fringe theatre at the Coronet Printroom
Because no one likes to be mainstream.

Take a walk down memory lane at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

best date ideas in Notting Hill

12,000 exhibits for 12,000 DMCs.

Find the perfect dinner recipe at Books for Cooks
Then order Deliveroo.

Watch a movie at the Gate Cinema.
Try and keep your eyes off the ornately stuccoed ceilings.

Learn all about chocolate by eating it at Melt London’s flagship store

best date ideas in Notting Hill

Their courses teach you how to make the perfect truffle.

Stock up on organic at Notting Hill Farmer’s Market
And plan your future smallholding together.

Wander around the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park
And let the love blossom.

Eat salads and cakes at Ottolenghi

best date ideas in Notting Hill

They’ll cancel each other out.

Go rock climbing at Westway Climbing
In the name of health and safety, make sure you hook up.

Get a sofa at the Electric

best date ideas in Notting Hill

Image credit: Matt Brown

Then break the decency laws when the lights go down.

Take a trip to the American Food Store
Then attempt to develop type-2 diabetes by feeding each other treats for the rest of the day.

Blend your own gin at Ginstitute

best date ideas in Notting Hill

And quickly consume for Dutch courage.

Visit the travel section of Notting Hill Bookshop
Discuss the merits of books on Turkey, and plan a holiday.

Take your date to The Ledbury

best date ideas in Notting Hill

Although – word to the wise – it’ll be very difficult to top.

Do a butchery masterclass at Provenance Village Butcher
Because, in some cultures, cutting up animals together is considered romantic. We think.

Have dim sum for brunch at E&O

best date ideas in Notting Hill

And talk about your fillings.


Main image: Ewan Munro | Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

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