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Jason Allen 30/11/16

The Best Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas

20 Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas

Dating is complicated. But if you’re going to go anywhere, central London is a good place to start. And to further simplify things, we’ve come up with a bulletproof list of stupidly romantic things in the form of these 20 excellent Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas…

Play petanque at Baranis
See how long you can speak only in French for…

Play a few games at Bounce

Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas
Play on the Olympic table, if you can.

Get a couple of pints of cocktails at Freuds
It’s not really possible to just get one.

Get the opera singers to serenade your date at Sarastro
While you serenade your rack of lamb.

Go to Gordons
Make sure neither of you is over six foot, though. 

Go to All Star Lanes

Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas
And see who can come up with the most puns about balls, pins, and splits.

Go to Mr Fogg Tavern and drink only cocktails from countries you’ve been to
Tell eachother stories from your travels there.

Go to Circus

Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas
And share blowtorch sushi while trapeze artists swing above you.

Feed each other oysters at J Sheekey
They’re true heroes in a half shell.

Shout out suggestions at The Comedy Store
Then attempt to ‘volunteer’ your date to go on stage.

Go second hand book shopping on Charing Cross Road, and find vintage novels for each other
Koenig Books, Charing Cross Books, Henry Pordes… there are TONS.

Try not to propose at Clos Maggiore

Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas
It’s craaaazy romantic there. If you book a table in the right room.

Order only cocktails invented in the American Bar at the Savoy
They include the Hanky Panky, White Lady, Corpse Reviver #2, etc. Ask your bartender.

Go to a burlesque show at The Savoy
Take notes for your own burlesque show later.

Spend a loooong time browsing together at Coco De Mer
Best save it until after the first date, though. Bit creepy otherwise.

Bring a bottle to B.Y.O.C.

Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas
And invent cocktails for eachother

Play Neal’s Yard Cheese shop roulette
Then take the results on a picnic.

Go to Blind Spot for tea… and end up in a secret bar
It’s a secret bar, hidden behind a the counter. Trust us, you’ll look awesome.

Go on a history tour!

Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas
You’ve got Cleopatra’s Needle, the Roman baths, the oldest working gas lamp in the country, one of the oldest pubs in the city…

Impulsively go to the theatre
Ge the cheapest tickets you can from the cheap ticket booths.

Hit St Martin’s in the Field for a candlelit concert
We dare you to try and find something more romantic.


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The Best Covent Garden & Holborn Date Ideas

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