Jason Allen 12/06/24

The Rooftop At One Hundred Shoreditch Is Getting A Hot New Bar & Restaurant

The rooftop bar at One Hundred Shoreditch already has dazzling views, killer cocktails, and a buzzing atmosphere. In fact, to the average observer, it would seem that the only thing it’s missing is an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant with a menu by a renowned Turkish chef… until now.


For anyone who hasn’t taken a jaunt up to the rooftop yet, it’s on the 7th floor of the rakishly stylish hotel. It’s split between an indoor area and the outdoor terrace, and the pink-hued space is set along a long stretch across the front of the building, with a slanted roof sitting above a tile floor. The place is covered in green plants housed in rough terracotta pots, and if you step outside onto the terrace, you’ll see a beautiful panoramic view looking out over the city across to the west.

The creative force behind all of the food is Ilknur Celik, who was born & bred in Istanbul, and who climbed the culinary ladder to become the head chef for all of Soho House’s Turkish & Mediterranean restaurants. Here, she’s pouring that upbringing & experience into an array of Eastern Med-style dishes. There’s everything from classic hummus & baba ganoush, to grilled octopus with samphire; scorched mackerel with corn bread; roast aubergine with zhoug & pine nuts; and lamb cutlets with fig & pistachio salsa. And for dessert? There’s some light & creamy muhallebi milk pudding, or some classic Greek mastic with pistachio & rose petals.


The cocktails washing all of this down come courtesy of the bar’s new head bartender Victor Gervasio, whose created some appropriately Eastern Med-leaning drinks to match the food. They include a signature Kasonist with watermelon, Greek wine and vodka, as well as a ‘Margarissa’ which blends harissa with tequila, lime & agave. And if you’re going booze-free? There are options like a cucumber and mint cooler or a honeydew melonade. It’s like a lemonade for people who love melons…

…or anagrams.


NOTE: Kaso at One Hundred Shoreditch is open now. You can find out more and make a booking at the website right here.

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Kaso Rooftop Bar & Kitchen at One Hundred Shoreditch | 100 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JQ

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Kaso Rooftop Bar & Kitchen at One Hundred Shoreditch

100 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch, E1 6JQ