Bob Bob Exchange

Bob Bob Ricard Is Coming To The Cheesegrater

Bob Bob Ricard may already be named twice, but now it’s literally developing a twin.

Its follow-up will be called Bob Bob Exchange, and you’ll be able to find it on the third floor of the giant Cheesegrater Building from mid-April. And because the owners aren’t entirely stupid, they’re leaving the details that made the first venue so likeable: Press for Champagne buttons are still going to be there, and all the seating will be in booths.

There will be a few key differences, however: rooms will be divided into Standard and Executive classes (one presumably being posher, and more expensive than the other), there will be wine regular auctions, and there will even be a miniature, 9-seater sushi restaurant housed within the restaurant itself.

Which might cost a few bob.

NOTE: Bob Bob Exchange (BBX) will open sometime this summer. There is no confirmed date yet. You can check out their Twitter feed right HERE.

Bob Bob Exchange | 122 Leadenhall St, EC3V 4QT

Bob Bob Exchange

122 Leadenhall St, The City, East London, EC3V 4QT


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