Bob Bob Exchange

Bob Bob Ricard Is Coming To The Cheesegrater

Bob Bob Ricard may already be named twice, but now it’s literally developing a twin.

Its follow-up will be called Bob Bob Exchange, and you’ll be able to find it on the third floor of the giant Cheesegrater Building from next January. And because the owners aren’t entirely stupid, they’re leaving the details that made the first venue so likeable: Press for Champagne buttons are still going to be there, and all the seating will be in booths.

There will be a few key differences, however: they’re drafting in superchef Eric Chavot to helm the kitchens, rooms will be divided into Standard and Executive classes (one presumably being posher, and more expensive than the other), there will be wine regular auctions, and there will even be a miniature, 9-seater sushi restaurant housed within the restaurant itself.

Which might cost a few bob.

NOTE: Bob Bob Exchange (BBX) will open next January, and you can check out their Twitter feed right HERE.

Bob Bob Exchange | 122 Leadenhall St, EC3V 4QT

Bob Bob Exchange

122 Leadenhall St, The City, East London, EC3V 4QT


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