Bocca Di Lupo | Merchant Of Venice Menu Featuring A Pound Of Flesh

Bocca Di Lupo's New Menu Literally Features A Pound Of Flesh

Bocca Di Lupo

The Merchant of Venice has given us a lot.

It has the first recorded mention of the name “Jessica”. It’s got one of the most nuanced villains in literary history in the form of Jewish moneylender Shylock. And it’s given Mel Gibson the desperate urge to return to Shakespeare.

And most recently it provided the spark for the final book from the late, great author Clive Sinclair, who published a book of short stories all inspired by the play. It’s named Shylock Must Die, and you can see the trailer HERE.

In honour of the book, Bocca Di Lupo are putting out a special, extremely literal menu (pun very much intended) featuring the likes of:

  • Pounded beef carpaccio – with mustard dressing, grana, and lemon
  • A pound of lobster flesh – with spaghetti & tomato
  • A pound of meatball – it’s called the ‘polpetta al piselli’, it’s braised with peas, and it’s understandably for two to share
  • Pound cake – made with pine nuts and served with peaches roasted in Venetian Merlot

The menu will be available until the end of July – it’s a supplementary, rather than set menu, and and you can pick and choose from it at your leisure.

NOTE: You can see the full menu HERE, and you can make a booking at Bocca Di Lupo at their website right HERE.

Bocca Di Lupo | 12 Archer Street, W1D 7BB

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Bocca Di Lupo

12 Archer Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 7BB


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