Spirit Journey at BYOC East


Spirit Journey at BYOC East

BYOC East are shaking things up with a new cocktail experience.

It’s called Spirit Journey.

And when you consider that the secretive, subterranean Aldgate speakeasy doesn’t have any menus, or even any alcohol, it suddenly seems extremely ambitious.

For those unfamiliar with the BYOC concept, it’s pretty simple: you bring a bottle of your favourite booze (or buy one from the convenient next-door store) and the expert mixologists there will use their mixers, juices, tinctures, herbs & bitters to create into as many cocktails as you’d like, all perfectly tailored to your taste.

And, as good as that is, that used to be all they offered. But now the BYOC East venue itself has changed hands with a new Spanish restaurant going in topside later this year, and a new concept for the bespoke cocktail factory underneath. This is Spirit Journey, and it’ll go as follows:

Spirit Journey

You and your party will show up armed with a couple of bottles of spirits (you technically only need one, but it’s more fun with a choice). Everyone sits down in one of the plush armchairs surrounding the wooden tables, and the Journey begins. First, you’ll get a brief introduction with a little history of the spirit/s you bought with you. You’ll then get to know those spirits a little better by being walked through some tasting notes and flavour profiles for each one. Suitably well-armed with liquid learning, the barkeeps will then mix you up one of their recommended serve cocktails using whatever you decide to go with. And then mix you up a classic cocktail after that for good measure.

All of that should take around an hour, after which the second half of the whole experience will start. Things will continue with a little history of the cocktail itself and its relative importance to the world of booze, before you’ll get a chance to dive in and make your own mixed drinks using the ingredients provided by the bar. There’ll even be a shake-off between guests, with a prize for the winners (likely involving more booze). And given how well you’ll know your spirits by that point…

…you should be in with more than a ghost of a chance.

NOTE: Spirit Journey is available now at BYOC East. It’s priced the same as the normal BYOC experience, at £35 – just ask for the Spirit Journey in the special requests box when you make a booking at their website right HERE.

BYOC East | 19 Bevis Marks, EC3A 7JA

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Spirit Journey at BYOC East

19 Bevis Marks, Liverpool Street, The City, EC3A 7JA

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