Crossrail Trains Will Be Long Enough To Stretch Between Stations


Longing for Crossrail trains?

Well, that’s good, because they’re going to be long. Very Long.

You see, in order for them to each carry the 1.5k passengers they have planned, they have to be twice as long as many Tube trains. You average six-car Tube train (as you’d find on the Piccadilly & Northern Lines) is 108m long. The Crossrail Class 345 Trains will be almost double that, at 205m, with walkthrough carriages. And the upshot of that is they’ll often be at literally two stations at once.

For example, when they’re parked at the platform between, say, Moorgate and Liverpool Street, each end of the train will be at different stations.

And just down the road, at the Farringdon station, the same thing will happen – one end of the train will be (essentially) at Barbican.

Travelling between Liverpool Street & Farringdon – two of the closer Crossrail stations – will be a mere seven and a half train lengths. And because the trains are open, with no carriage dividers, that means that if you were to get on at one and, and start walking to the other as the train starts running, you can probably make it to the other end just as you reach the next station, and cut a couple of minutes off your journey at the other end.


NOTE: Crossrail is due to launch with 7-carriage trains that are just over 160 metres long, but will be fully upgraded to the 205m trains by 2019. You can find out about the new trains (they have WiFi, 4G, and air con!) at their website HERE.

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