Jason Allen 21/02/24


London’s Mexican restaurant scene is finally getting its Dué…

…by which we mean we’re about to see the opening of Dué, a new restaurant from Jesús Durón, who is the executive chef of what might be the best restaurant in Mexico City: Pujol.

We only say that because if you google ‘best restaurant in Mexico City’, it’s the first result. And sure, it could be the Angus Steakhouse of Central America, but the fact that it’s been bouncing around the more desirable half of the World’s 50 Best List for the past decade (currently no.13), has its own Wikipedia page, and made Anthony Bourdain fall in love with it, means that it’s probably the real deal.

So what are Jesús’s plans here? Well, he’s going to team up with Lindsay Jang, the co-founder of Hong Kong’s Michelin-Starred izakaya Yardbird. Together, they’ll be opening up what we can only assume is likely to be a fairly upscale place with a “globally inspired, seasonally-focused” vibe. Not much to go on, but we trust.

Jesus Duran

And to add to the mystique, we also have no idea exactly where in London it’s going to be, or when it’s going to open – but weirdly you can actually eat there. So to speak, at least. That’s because Jesús is embarking on a whirlwind tour of the globe, hosting supper clubs in places like New York, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Bangkok, Paris (and indeed London) in order to literally road-test a few menu ideas.

For his five-night stopover in London he’ll be cooking up the likes of cuttlefish with green mole & sweet orache leaves; roast pigeon with spring onion & cacao; grilled razor clams with pil oil & lardo; and sole artichoke ceviche with ginger. You can already get tickets to his pop up which will be in Carousel this March.

At least… that’s when it’s due.


NOTE: Dué is set to open sometime later this year, someplace in London. We’ll be back as soon as there’s something resembling a detail. In the meantime, you can get tickets to his pop up at Carousel (5th – 9th March) right here.

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