New Hamilton Tickets Are Being Released

If you’ve ever heard of Hamilton, then you’ll already know that it’s one of London’s fastest selling musical shows,
and since it came across here from American shores, we’ve all been hankering to hear about this ‘son of a whore’.
Now reviews are in, the stalls are packed, it’s been a success – but there’s still a point that’s causing some considerable distress
That is, it’s hard to get ahold of tickets now it’s so big (unless you’re holding out each weekday for the lottery pick),
which is why today we couldn’t help but let out a cheer; you see they’re soon releasing bookings starting August this year.
It’s all kicking off at noon on Monday 29th of Januarywell that was stupid, nothing really rhymes with January – sign up for updates and they’ll give you a shout;
and that’s all there is to it – Nudge is over and out.


NOTE: Tickets for Hamilton shows from August 2018 onwards will be released on Monday 29th January at noon on this website, and you can sign up for email updates here.

ALSO NOTE: We promise not to try rapping again.

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