Hawksmoor have a new lunch menu, and it's got langoustine scampi & chips...

Hawksmoor’s New Lunch Menu | Langoustine scampi & chips

The trick to making any good steakhouse truly great is to pay equal attention to the things that aren’t steak.

And the people at Hawksmoor happen to excel at that.

To whit: their new lunch menu which includes – drumroll please – langoustine scampi & chips. It effectively represents the Platonic ideal of what scampi should be, with some sizeable, juicy Scottish langoustines fried in the light-as-a-cloud tempura batter, and served alongside their famed triple-cooked chips.

Other new entries to the menu include the Big Matt burger, named for the restaurant group’s executive chef Matt brown (who, it should be noted, has been the head chef at two 3 Michelin Star restaurants) and which essentially represents the Platonic ideal of a certain other heavily trademarked burger.

And if for some reason neither of those appeals to you, then you can always get chargrilled courgettes, roast hake, or a good ol’ rump steak.

And you’ll be happy to know they pay a lot of attention to the things that are steak, too.

NOTE: The Hawksmoor’s new summer lunch menu comes as part of a set lunch package, coming in at £25 for 2 courses and £28 for 3. It’s available at all Hawksmoor branches. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE.

The Hawksmoor | Various locations

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