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Ikoyi Are Trying A Unique Tasting Menu Experiment...


The Ikoyi Staff Food Waste Project

“Waste not, want not” is a good adage to live by.

It even recycles the word ‘not’.

And the ethically driven guys behind St. James’s critically lavished West African restaurant, Ikoyi, are taking it extremely seriously – this month they’re holding a pair of special dinners which will showcase a unique tasting menu experience based on the waste products from their kitchen.

Ikoyi Staff Food Waste Project

It’s called the Staff Food Waste Project, and it’ll involve 4 courses of experimental dishes. You can expect the likes of:

  • A Lamb Skin, Pistachio & Flower Sandwich
  • Caramelised Fish with Sorrel & Corn Pottage
  • Octopus Head Miyan Taushe with Fermented Jollof Rice
  • Milk Solids, Spent Cameroonian Coffee & Salted Zobo Caramel

You can of course snap up some of their wine or cocktails to go with it all.

Just don’t get wasted.

NOTE: The The Ikoyi Staff Food Waste Project will be priced at £45 and will take place on the 13th or 27th of May – you can book tickets HERE.

Ikoyi | 1 St. James’s Market, SW1Y 4AH

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1 St James’s Market, St James's Market, Central London, SW1Y 4AH

020 3583 4660


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