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Ikoyi Are Trying A Unique Tasting Menu Experiment...


The Ikoyi Staff Food Waste Project

“Waste not, want not” is a good adage to live by.

It even recycles the word ‘not’.

And the ethically driven guys behind St. James’s the critically lavished West African restaurant, Ikoyi, are taking it extremely seriously – this month they’re holding a pair of special dinners which will showcase a unique tasting menu experience based on the waste products from their kitchen.

It’s called the Staff Food Waste Project, and it’ll involve 4 courses of experimental dishes. You can expect the likes of:

  • A Lamb Skin, Pistachio & Flower Sandwich
  • Caramelised Fish with Sorrel & Corn Pottage
  • Octopus Head Miyan Taushe with Fermented Jollof Rice
  • Milk Solids, Spent Cameroonian Coffee & Salted Zobo Caramel

You can of course snap up some of their wine or cocktails to go with it all.

Just don’t get wasted.

NOTE: The The Ikoyi Staff Food Waste Project will be priced at £45 and will take place on the 13th or 27th of May – you can book tickets HERE.


Ikoyi | 1 St. James’s Market, SW1Y 4AH


1 St James’s Market, St James's Market, Central London, SW1Y 4AH

020 3583 4660


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