The Ivy Chelsea Garden | Gingerbread Pop Up Facade

The Ivy Chelsea Garden Is Now, Essentially, A Gingerbread House

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The Ivy Chelsea Garden | Chelsea Restaurant

As gingerbread houses go…

…this one isn’t too crummy.

Hidden behind those saccharine layers enveloping this particular building, you’ll find The Ivy Chelsea Garden, who’ve allowed London florists Early Hours to deck the living sh*t out of their halls. The thing is even advertised as being “party edible” (apparently the rest is, quite sadistically, made out of plastic) meaning that some of the sweet treats displayed in the windows – consisting of rock candy, gingerbread, sweets, and candy canes – are actually available to eat.

Once you’re inside? The festive fun thankfully doesn’t stop, as they’re shaking things up with a new Gingerbread Espresso Martini, too which blends the usual espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka with a little gingerbread syrup.

And in case you were wondering if this is a mere ploy to get you to come into an otherwise average restaurant, dash those thoughts immediately. The place has – in addition to a bar, a lounge, a cafe and a restaurant – a 3,500 square foot outdoor terrace and paved garden, filled with politely babbling water fountains; sandstone firepits; marble tables; mosaic chairs; and balustrade pergolas covered in creeping wisteria and red rose vine. And, this being plucked from The Ivy collection, the food is pretty good too. Unlike the outside…

it’s anything but Grimm.

NOTE: The Ivy Chelsea Garden is open daily from 8am-12.30am (9am on Sundays). Half of the 275 seats are reserved for walk ins, but you can also book ahead right HERE.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden | 197 King’s Road, SW3 5ED

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The Ivy Chelsea Garden

197 King's Road, Chelsea, West London, SW3 5ED

020 3301 0300


8.2 / 10

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