London Postal Museum

Ride the Hidden Underground This Summer

Postal Museums.

They might not sound staggeringly exciting, but trust us: this one delivers.

Billed as “London’s newest and most anticipated heritage attraction” – and heaven knows we’ve had plenty of those – The Postal Museum will consist of five interactive time zones that bring the intriguing history of snail mail to life.

It’s basically the Crystal Maze, but with postboxes.

But that’s not all. Because once you’ve learnt all there is to know about stamps, sorting, and postmarks (and to be er, frank, there’s a surprising amount), you’ll cross the road to a relatively unassuming building, in which you’ll descend a stairway into the depths of London, finding yourself in an entirely assuming old engineering depot.

Welcome to the Mail Rail.

A secret subterranean world that has literally been under the radar for a century, this railway network used to work for up to 22 hours a day to deliver post around the capital. And now, for the first time ever, it’s taking passengers from the public. You’ll be whisked through a system of Victorian, stalactite-laced tunnels on a miniature train, punctuated with some er – “theatrical surprises” – popping up in the eerie underground matrix.

But don’t panic.

Your guide won’t desert their post.


NOTEThe Postal Museum will be opening on 28th July this year, and will be taking bookings online soon. Keep an eye on things over at their website HERE.

The Postal Museum | Phoenix Place, WC1X 0DA

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London Postal Museum

Phoenix Place, Clerkenwell, North London, WC1X 0DA


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