London Soft Launches

London Soft Launches

London’s Soft Launches

As the old restaurateurs’ motto goes,

Softly softly, openee restaurant“.

Advice taken so strongly to heart by some, that you wouldn’t even know they were opening at all…

Well luckily we’ve got our ears to the ground, as well as some more immediately useful ones on the London restaurant scene – so between them we’ve got a pretty solid run-down of the week’s best soft openings and deals.

We update the list every Monday, so keep your eyes peeled:

The Mint Gun Club | Stoke Newington

The Mint Gun Club is a little like a large African elephant.

In that it’s not really either of those things.

It is, however, a stylish new tea-house, cocktail bar and deli in Stoke Newington. It’s the first solo venture from Richard Hunt, who could previously be spotted manning the shakers behind the bars at Milk & Honey and Hawksmoor. Drawing on his travels and experiences from around the globe, it’s a melting-pot of an establishment, serving up cocktails, rare teas and deli-style foods inspired by various different regions… READ MORE
Opened: 21st July
Soft launch: 50% off food until 30th July. Sign up on their website HERE

Temper City | Moorgate

Temper City.

It sounds like the most violent place on earth.

But as it turns out, it’s going to be one of the most delicious: a sophomore followup to Soho’s Temper, it’ll focus on gin, New World wines and curry cooked over an open fire pit… READ MORE
Soft launch: 24th-29th July, 50% off

Rola Wala | Spitalfields

Rola Wala may mean ‘man who rolls’, but it’s not going to describe the way you leave the first permanent London instalment of this Indian spot – because every one of their dishes, from Nagaland-loaded naan rolls to beetroot red dal rice bowls, are under 500 calories and boast at least 43 ingredients…
Soft launch: Sign up on their website for a free dish on 26th July

Fancy Crab | Marylebone

Fancy crab? Good, because this place is going to be feeding it to you in buckets. And in tempura, and in salads, and burgers. A slick-looking joint, it’s billed as “A new sexy Red King Crab restaurant in the heart of Wigmore Street”. We’re not sure what makes a Red King Crab sexy, but it’s good to know they’re being picky…
Soft launch: 50% off food 26th – 31st July

Sushi Atelier | Fitzrovia

It’s easy to get a raw deal on sushi. But this fresh new Japanese joint in Fitzrovia is running a three week soft launch with 50% off their platters of sashimi, steaming bowls of rice and elegant desserts…
Soft launch: 50% off food until 30th July, 30% off until 6th and 20% off until 13th August. Book via

The Great Chase | Angel

It’s hard to chase up a stint as chef at The Dean Street Townhouse. But Radek Nitkowski is doing a pretty good job of it with The Great Chase, a new restaurant with a menu plucking flavours from around the globe. Following in the footsteps of neighbour Trawler Trash, everything is sourced in as sustainable and ethical a way as possible, and there’s an entirely alcohol-free but expertly mixed cocktail list to boot…
Soft launch: 25% off food until the end of July (or 30% if you follow their social and book online)


Main Image: Mint Gun Club

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